Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2 days til Tampa!!!

Almost time for the first vacation with the boyfriend. I am so excited, I'll admit mostly about missing work but the trip will be great too lol. We have the whole time planned out, going to do a whole lot of nothing and sit on the beach...sounds perfect to me! It's his daughter's b-day so we will be taking her out for her 1st legal drink (I'm just being realistic).

Oh and FYI I made my packing list and the white bikini is definitely on it! Let the countdown begin!!! Already hit up the gym and packed my lunch, OP today!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long weekend

Well my labor day weekend was pretty much a weight loss fail. I drank too much and ate even more. Parties, BBQs, and a college football opening day, ugh! Good times but bad diet times. I'm back on track today and trying to get off what I gained before my trip to Tampa. 8 MORE DAYS, I better behave!!!

Weight lifting is going great, I'm noticing a difference everyday! I already hit up the gym this morning and I packed my lunch so I'm good to go. Hopefully no one brings in any tempting treats to work today.