Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AM workouts

Working out in the a.m is the greatest. Not only is the gym totally dead at 5:30am but now my workout is completely out of the way and I can do whatever I want after work. Plus I'm up early enough to come home and cook up some egg whites and veggies for an actual breakfast! Usually I eat yogurt at my desk at work if I remember to grab it on my way out the door. I have been getting better and better at morning workouts since it's summertime and the daylight comes earlier.

It's brutally hot up here in NH this week, NOT that I will ever complain about it since the winters are ridiculously unbearable sometimes. But since my workout is out of the way I will be poolside asap after work! If you've never tried a morning workout give it a try, it's well worth it to get some extra time at the end of your day to do whatever you want. Hope everyone has a great day :)


  1. I used to workout (OK: walk) in the morning, and it was all that you say. That was possible before having a child, so enjoy it while you case a family is in your future.....

    Just sayin'

  2. If you can workout in the morning, you are a far better woman than I am! I have a much easier time getting to the gym after work.

    Keep up the good work!