Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Better day today :)

So my sinus headache is still around, maybe it's allergies? Who knows? But besides that today went great. Work, ran home and took the laundry in before it rained and then off to the gym. I was tired today so I slacked at the gym 30 minutes on the arc trainer (but just phoning it in, no real work LOL) then strength training for my arms.

I got offered a job bartending functions at the legion where i'm a member last week but wasn't supposed to start until June but a guy stopped by my house and asked me to start working on Friday night. Apparently some frat rented the hall for their semi-formal, that should be interesting LOL. I've been a bartender before at a little dive bar (so this is very similar) but that was just on Sundays during the day, things got busy during the Patriot's games but besides that it was pretty dead. I'm hoping this is going to be more fun and I can make some extra money :)

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo...I usually would be boozing it up hardcore and eating my weight in Mexican food, this year not so much. I haven't decided if I'll go out or not but most likely I'll just wait until Thursday like I usually do.

FOOD FIND: just tried the Quaker Mini Rice Cakes Creme Bruele flavor (never really ate rice cakes before) and they are fantastic. You get 7 of them for a point and they are really good, very sweet.


  1. Just found you -- looking forward to following your journey :-)