Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Definately back in the swing of things :)

Today was even better then yesterday. I'm finally feeling like myself again after last weekend. I was completely OP today and had dinner at Oma's. It was so freakin' good, shake and bake pork chops, corn on the cob, broccoli, carrots, salad and roasted potatoes. She makes a lot but she knows most of it goes to leftovers lol. The only thing I have to do tonight is NOT eat it! Tomorrow is weigh in and I've done so good since Monday that I'm not going to let the leftovers ruin me.

I went to the gym for a LONG workout today. I did 35 minutes on the arc trainer, 35 minutes running on the treadmill and then strength training for both my arms and legs. It felt great. I didn't get up and go this morning so I made up for it by doing double time tonight. Tomorrow I am definitely going in the a.m since it's weigh in day and I don't like to go at night that day.

I am excited about this up coming weekend, I'm working another function on Saturday night and it's supposed to be nice out all weekend so hopefully I can do some stuff outside. Time to relax, watch some tv and do my nails (if I feel like being productive that is LOL).

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  1. Girl you are KILLING IT. I am so proud. Maybe some of your hard work and determination can rub off on me soon...