Monday, May 10, 2010

new week fresh start

I really checked out this past weekend. No gym, no real food, just booze. I didn't get up til around 10 or 11 o'clock each day, by then I've usually been in the gym for an hour! Not this weekend...I just felt so bad, too bad to really do much of anything except booze it up with friends and pretend everything was alright.

I'll admit I didn't have a terrible time while I was out it was fun but it was just filling empty time so I wouldn't have to think about things. Today I woke up telling myself I was going to snap out of it, no more funk. I think I've done pretty well. I'm back to eating and being OP and I hit up the gym for a hell of a workout tonight (35 minutes on the arc trainer, 35 minutes running on the treadmill and then strength training for my legs). It felt great.

I'm still a little off emotionally but I think I can get back into my typical personality and my routine. After all I only have a week until I get to go to Texas to see Jimmy Buffett! Hope that you all have a good week :)


  1. OK, Skinny, let me give you the skinny from my experience.... booze never helped anything. I don't want to lecture, but the quality of your life and your decisions will improve if you step away from the alcohol. So, give some thought to numbing your emotions with booze. (Bad boyfriend sounded like a bad booze decision.)

    I'm only telling you this because I care. Please don't be offended...

  2. I hope to see you back on track this week!!

  3. Genie, you are but of course right :) I used to reach for the booze trying to solve a lot of problems. It never seems to work and I end up feeling like crap after, physically and mentally. I've been working on it, still with occasional slip ups since it's seems like such an easy quick solution...guess the one thing that weight loss can teach you is that the easy quick solutions never seem to last!