Monday, April 26, 2010

diet vs. life changes

I was on the WW message boards today and someone posted a question regarding how your eating habits have changed since you started weight watchers. It really got me thinking…I’ve done WW three times in my life and lost weight each time but I’ve always gained it back. This will be my challenge when I start doing maintenance after I meet my goal. Then I started to think about what really was different THIS time.

Weight Watchers tells you this is not a diet program; it is a lifestyle change. I used to think “yeah right, then why am I always hungry and trying to figure out how to make my favorite foods decrease in fat and increase in fiber?” But now I think that I’ve actually come to realize that this is in fact a lifestyle change for me.

In the past when I have worked the program I have basically controlled my points to be able to eat junk and drink a ton of booze later that day. This time I have figured out that junk makes me feel gross after and it’s just not worth it (same with huge amounts of booze). Not that I don’t indulge because I definitely still eat some loaded nachos, a burger or ice cream and drink some adult beverages. But the amount that I eat has gone way down and my beer choice has switched to MGD64.

In the past it would bother me to go out to eat and not be able to get the same things as other people. I thought it would be a cold day in hell when I’d pass up a quesadilla burger with fries and a Brewtus Bud Light at Applebees for the Cajun tilapia with double veggies and a skinny margarita!!!! Now I order a healthier dish and I actually enjoy it. It seems to me that food even tastes better when you are in control about what you are eating.

I used to work out so that I could eat/drink more later that night. Now I work out because I feel fantastic after. I love being on that elliptical and thinking to myself, you can do anything for two minutes...just two more minutes...see you did it…now do it can do anything for two more minutes right??? You bet I can, all of a sudden it’s been 30.

I’m walking on the treadmill and a song will come on the IPod, "Someone call 911...shorty's fire burning on the treadmill" well that's not exactly how the song goes but that's what i hear...and I can’t walk anymore, it’s too easy, I start running. RUNNING? Wait, I can’t run…no that was the old me, the new me…well that skinny biatch, she can run!!

I’ve got to say the obvious physical changes are great to see and the comments I get from people that I know make me feel fantastic. When I started in January I literally hated the way I looked, I hated the choices I made and I hated myself. After 4 months I finally feel in control of my eating, my decisions and my life. I guess the long story short is I started a diet that caused many wonderful life style changes and since I’m finally in charge it’s up to me to keep it up. Best thing is, there’s no doubt in my mind that I can and will do it :)

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