Sunday, April 4, 2010

What a great weekend :)

The weather was so fantastic here in NH this weekend. It was absolutely perfect and I did things outside as much as I possibly could. I went to the gym both days and I got in a little extra activity by hitting some golf balls at the driving range today, you know anything to be outside!!!

On Saturday morning I had to go shopping for some new clothes after I had a mini breakdown on Friday night since I couldn't find a freakin' thing to wear that looked even halfway decent. I'm so proud of myself for losing the weight but I have nothing to wear that fits. The clothes I had look absolutely ridiculous and make me look heavier then I am. So off to Old Navy I went and purchased small tops and size 6 shorts...yup you read that right!!! SWEET :) Next Friday is payday and I will be buying some more stuff, after I spend this week getting rid of EVERYTHING that doesn't fit!

Today was Easter so I went to Oma's house of dinner. Typical stuff and kind of easy to make choice since Oma really does a good job with the amount of veggie options. Ham, asparagus, sugar snap peas, winter squash and a HEAVENLY crusty bread roll. I passed on the apple crisp but did have one small scoop of the double churn edy's french vanilla. After dinner I wanted to get outside so I went to the driving range and hit some golf balls.

I wish every weekend could be this great :)

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  1. That does sound sweet! I'm glad you had a great weekend, Skinny!