Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tomorrow is weigh in

I am excited. I've done the best I possibly could this week. I hit the gym everyday and I've been doing that Self Challenge exactly as it says which is a LOT of cardio. Today was supposed to be a "rest day" but with my weigh in tomorrow I'm going to use that as a rest day and I skipped to day 4 today.

Today was 30 minutes in zone 2...I did the arc trainer on level 3. Then 30 minutes, 1 in zone 3, 2 minutes in zone 2 then repeat...I did the arc trainer on manual with a resistance of 30 for zone 3 and 15 for zone 2. Very good workout.

I've also been completely OP with my eating so tomorrow night's weigh in should be fantastic. Tonight I had tilapia w/grilled red peppers, mushrooms, jalapeno pepper, topped with peach salsa and some homemade guacamole. All this plus a side of steamed very low in points for this meal and it was fantastic.

Time to relax and watch some tv. I'd like to get up early since the weather is going to be beautiful tomorrow and go for a walk before work.


  1. I love that you're on a rampage! Me too! Good luck tomorrow!!!!

  2. Awesome! Tomorrow is my weigh in too. I'm scared and excited :) Good luck to everyone