Sunday, April 18, 2010

Off day, just not feeling myself today

Ugh today was just one of those days. I just don't don't feel like my typical self. I am really tired and feel kind of depressed. I'm not sure why but I feel a little lonely and like I should have stayed in my pj's all day long.

It's really hard to not reach for comfort foods when I'm feeling down. I've made some choices that are not OP today and unfortunately that makes me feel a little bit worse. I volunteered this morning and served breakfast at the American Legion this morning. It was really hard to smell all that delicious bacon, sausage and pancakes without snacking. I was able to hold off until the end of it and then I had my complimentary breakfast, one egg, one sausage, and 1/2 a cup of home fries (not too bad there, I mean it could have been a disaster and I think I made good choices).

Then I retreated back to my house to watch tv in my pjs. My friend called and I went out for Sushi for dinner. We had some sushi, sashimi and an egg roll. Then even though I was full I went to Friendly's and got a happy ending sundae (chocolate almond chip ice cream with peanut butter sauce and whipped cream). Now I'm more then full, with my belly hurting, back at home, in my pj's, still feeling sad.

Ugh I guess everyone has these days obviously. I just feel like I've been getting all these compliments lately and I feel like I look so much better but it's so much work and it takes up so much time. I have less time to spend time with people, less time to socialize and more time to myself which can be really lonely. Well tomorrow is another day and a fresh start on another week; I bet I'll feel better after a good night's sleep anyway.

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  1. Off days are natural - Sundays are off days for me too. Great attitude about a fresh start today!