Saturday, April 10, 2010

lazy day

I had such a lazy day today. I'll admit I was hungover today so I didn't get up til 1130 and that was only because the dump was closing and I had to get there before that happened. Then I dragged my lazy butt to the gym. I couldn't workout like I wanted to because my head was pounding so badly but I still walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes.

Then I laid around for awhile and watched some junk tv. I finally got myself showered and dressed and went off to do some shopping. How the hell does one bag of stuff at Walmart cost $30? LOL, I mean mouth wash, razors and other must haves are ridiculously expensive! I bought some new 5lb dumbbells for my workouts. And a new bright yellow tank top at TJMaxx.

My friend called me and since I was out I offered to pick him up some food. He wanted some burgers so I hit the Burger King drive thru. Hello temptation! I hadn't eaten all day since I didn't feel too great so now I was just about starving. I get there and the freakin' drive thru is broken. Damn it, now I had to go in and smell it while I ordered for him! Oh I definitely thought about how great a rodeo burger and mozzarella sticks would be but I didn't give in. I ordered up his three whopper jr's and a small fry and only stole 3 fries :)

Then I ordered Chinese food take out. Are you thinking what, how is that any better? Well some of it is! At the place close to me they have healthy options that REALLY actually are healthy. They don't use oil and the sauce is given to you on the side. So I had steamed shrimp with veggies and it came with white rice. I got home and used my new WW Scale (just broke down and bought it Thursday at the meeting) to measure the rice out. Just a side note: this scale is FANTASTIC you can weigh items OR get the points for them so I could measure out 2 points of rice! Then I added the amount of sauce that was good for me, fyi a little goes a long way. It was great, I'm glad I went with that instead of the burger :)

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