Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Self Challenge Day 2

So I've been doing the 7 day challenge in this month's Self magazine for two days now. The first day caused some serious blisters on my left foot but didn't deter me from working out today. I just had to go about it differently, meaning...no running on the treadmill.

Day 2 looks like this...you can pick any cardio you just need to do it in different zones.

10 minutes in zone 1...which for me was the treadmill on an incline at 3.6
10 minutes in zone 2...the arc trainer on level 3
10 minutes, repeating 1 min in zone 2, 1 min in zone 3...elliptical at different intesities

Then you repeat each 10 minute session. I made it through it. I think it was nice to change machines and do different things, it definately kept my interest longer.

After you do all that there are 8 toning exercises that you do 12 times then repeat. I've been doing these since Saturday and I'm getting used to them. I only have 3lb dumbbells so I might need to pick up some 5lbs ones on payday.

All in all I'm really enjoying this challenge so far. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day but I'm not resting, I'm just going to go on to Thursday's plan. My weigh in is on Thursday and I'll use that as my rest day instead.

Now it's time for the Biggest Loser, ugh I hope red goes home. I've got to switch back and forth between this and Dancing with the Stars (I'm sorry but I love Pam Anderson, I don't care what anyone says, she's fab and she knows it, I love that about her). Have a great night :)

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