Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weigh In Results...and more positive news!!!

So I didn't get around to writing the other day after my weigh in...but the results are in:

-1.2lbs!!! SWEET!!!

What does that mean? Peace out 140s! I'll never see you again. What else does that mean? Well my BMI is FINALLY in the healthy category!! I started in the obese category and have made it to healthy, life is good :) And finally I have lost a total 25.6lbs!!! So I also got my -25lb charm for my key chain! What a great weigh in!!!

The only bad news...ugh, dropped a point. I'm down to 19 :( booooooooo LOL, who would think 1 point would make that big of the difference? We'll see how this next week goes...


  1. Ugh - hate dropping points - LOVE losing the weight. Congrats!

  2. That is a great weigh in, Skinny! Congrats! You have taken charge of your life!

  3. So jealous- got so close to losing the 140's this week but didn't quite make it. Congrats to you though! You're killing it!!!! LOVE IT!