Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 month update on Measurements and sizes

On January 4th, 2010 I made a decision to change my life by joining Weight Watchers and committing to losing this weight that I've been carrying around. It's been 2 months now (well in 2 days but I have time to do this tonight so that's when it is getting done). Two months ago I wrote that my measurements were:

chest: 38 inches (size D)
stomach: 37 inches
hips: 42 inches
thighs: 22 inches
arms: 12 inches

I also reported that I wore a size 13 pants, x-large shirts and received 22 points a day in the Weight Watchers program.

Today, 2 months later, I can report the following:

chest: 33.5 inches (guessing still a D but it looks like I need to get remeasured)
stomach: 34 inches
hips: 37.5 inches
thighs: 20.5 inches
arms: 11 inches

I now wear I size 9 pants, large shirts (some mediums) and receive 20 points a day in the Weight Watchers program.

So what do I have to say about it? Yay Me!!! Although I definitely thought my arms would be bigger but I guess if I really think about it they are just losing their flab. I'm so happy with myself, with the weight that I've lost so far and with the way that I feel (which is fantastic)!

Now just a little bit about today. I'm trying to work out and eat completely OP so that I can lose a little this week (make up for Mohegan Sun and not losing this weekend). I did 35 minutes on the arc trainer, strength training and 22 minutes on the bike. I am also OP today so I'm on the right path that's for sure.


  1. Congrats lady! Feels good, doesnt it?! :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on the great loss!!! And the awesome work out today. You are killing it!!! Way to go. :)