Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick post, I'm tired...

Today I had a dentist appointment and I lied about the amount of time I floss my teeth. Why do I do this? Who knows? It just is easier then having to listen to a lecture. This time she really believed me and told me my teeth look fantastic, sweet! Must be the new electric toothbrush I'm using religiously.

Other than that not a lot happened today. I'm sore from yesterday, lunges really do a number on my legs. I can feel them so much the following day. I went to the gym and did 32 minutes on the arc trainer (tried the interval program today, UGH not a good day to try something new but I made it through it). Then I just walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes.

I didn't wake up early enough for the gym this morning, I'll blame the rain again. But I'm going to try to tomorrow morning so I won't have to go after work. Tomorrow we are supposed to see the sun (and for the entire weekend, YAY) so hopefully it'll be bright in the a.m and I'll wake right up. Have a good night :)

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  1. Hi Skinny,

    Here's to you seeing the sun reflecting off your shiny, white teeth as you smile outdoors tomorrow!