Thursday, March 11, 2010

The weigh in results are get on it lb for lb challenge

Did I tell you I lost???? Cause I think I did, and I knew I did!!! When you work the program it works that's for sure. Tonight at weigh in I am down 1.2 lbs for a total of 20 POUNDS DOWN...yeah you read that right 20 LBS DOWN IN 9 WEEKS...FREAKIN' RIGHT!!!

Best thing about it is I'm doing the pound for pound challenge from the biggest loser. I pledge 26lbs and I've hit 20 so far. That is 20lbs to my local food pantry. If you are not involved in this, what the hell are you doing???? Get into it, there is still time and no reason not to join. Help others while you help yourself. Now get at it, there really isn't an excuse!!!!


  1. I'm going to do it! I volunteer at a Food Pantry; I know the need.

    You're doing freakin' great, Skinny!

  2. Good for you, thanks for participating!