Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy work day...

Today was really busy at work. I didn't even get a chance to eat my breakfast and I had to eat lunch an hour late. It felt like I was waiting around all day for people to show up just so I could get something done. In the end it all worked out but ugh, it's frustrating when you have to depend on others and things don't go smoothly.

I went to the gym after work and I really didn't want to go. I noticed today that I've thought I don't want to go a lot this week. I have pushed through the negative feeling and shown up to work out but it's been harder then the previous weeks. Today I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and really rocked it. I then did strength training for my arms (I'm doing this every other day now). Then I did a 10 minute cool down on the treadmill. That was all I could really handle, I was tired and the gym was packed.

Tonight I have to make rice crispy treats for tomorrow night. I'm putting it off but I'm going to do it in a few minutes. Tomorrow is Thursday so I weigh in at 515pm. They are having a donation breakfast tomorrow at work with all proceeds going towards children in foster care. I'm donating and not eating which is fine with me unless they have fruit then I'll have some of that. Otherwise the yogurt and fruit I bring will be just fine with me.

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