Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weigh in tomorrow...

Another week has gone by, tomorrow is the end of my fourth week so the actual end of my first month. I'm not nervous about my weigh in I just hope my work shows up on the scale. I can't wait to see what I've lost in one month! I feel like I did good all week but I didn't exercise as much as I did the previous weeks. Guess I'll have to wait and see, 515 tomorrow night :)

Today was a stressful day, work seems really long this week and I was definitely irritable. I felt like the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym. I even drove home before going but decided sulking and sitting on the couch just wasn't worth it. I threw on my gym clothes and went to the gym. 40 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the arc trainer, good enough for not even wanting to go!

Now I'm home and planning to get to bed early. Hopefully tomorrow is better, since it's closer to the weekend I'm sure it will be!