Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haven't been home much

So I haven't been blogging this weekend. It's not because I fell off the wagon. I've just been out of the house doing stuff. I took it easy at the gym yesterday (probably because I was hungover lol) but at least I still went! I walked on the treadmill for an hour and read some of the latest book I'm into The Lovely Bones. So far it is pretty good and enough to motivate me to go back and read some more today. I did some strength training for my arms yesterday as well.

Today I lack motivation to go to the gym. I've partied a little hard this weekend but I've got to go because I am planning on going to Chili's with a bunch of people since we all have tomorrow off. Chili's changed their menu and they don't have the guiltless grill items anymore. There is some direction on the menu saying how to order certain items so they will be healthier for you but I've looked up their nutrition information and most of it is higher then the amount of points I usually eat at meals. I think I'm going to have some shrimp and steamed veggies or special order the santa fe wrap with veggies. I can't wait lol, always go with a plan!

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