Monday, February 15, 2010

A Single Girl's Valentine's Day

Well yesterday was valentine's day lol. I'm single but I'm not a person that says "ugh this is the worst day in the world!" A few of my friends (boys too lol) and I decided that we would go out and celebrate at Chili's. I had a plan yesterday BEFORE we actually got there but it all went out the window when I got there. Everyone wanted apps so then they turn to me (why me? well I love food and I love taking charge and they all know this) with a request...Order anything just make it enough for the four of us to sit here for awhile and don't forget the loaded nachos!

So instead of my plan to have some shrimp or a special order I left my diet at the door. We had beer and more beer (bud and coors lights are $1.99 drafts there), we had loaded nachos, we had southwestern egg rolls, we had cheese fries. I ate 2 southwestern egg rolls, 2 loaded nachos and a few fork fulls of cheese fries (with more cheese then fries I might add). It was heaven and I was glad there were four of us because I could totally have gone face down in this spicy, cheesy fried goodness.

Did we stop then? NOPE, off we headed back to the local bar. They have a wii so we started playing some bowling and had a few more beverages.

So do I regret it? You know what I really don't. That kind of surprises me, I've been really hard on myself lately. I can see where I need to give myself some time to just relax and indulge a little. I mean when it comes down to it and I was presented with things that I really love to eat, I had what I wanted and was satisfied. I didn't eat til I had to go home and lay down. I guess that will have to do for now! I'm off to the gym since it's my day off I might as well watch some Days of Our Lives while walking instead of sitting on the couch! Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day :)

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