Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's snowing out :)

Today we were supposed to get a big snow storm this a.m so everything was cancelled (well everything besides my work since I don't have kids to stay home with and I answer the phones on Tuesday) but then it didn't start until around 2. So I worked the whole day but couldn't go to the gym after work because of bad roads driving home. UGH.

I came home and barely made it up my road, then I had to shovel my driveway out (I had to shovel twice already tonight and will probably go out one more time so it's not so bad in the a.m). I came in and figured since I was already changed into my gym clothes (I change at work so I have no excuse not to go, well besides terrible driving conditions lol) I'd do an exercise program from OnDemand.

I settled on The Biggest Loser (I am such a fan of these) Last Chance Workout with Jillian Michaels. It is 30 minutes long and does not include a warm up or cool down. It is circuits of cardio and strength training and I made it through the whole thing without taking any breaks. I think this is a great workout. I mean it's not as long as my workouts at the gym but I was sweating bad and breathing hard. The last circuit is really difficult and I was swearing a little at Jillian during it. I noticed that I really enjoyed the kick boxing aspects of it and I might have to look into a video that has this for a majority of the work out.

Side note: I made myself a fantastic dinner tonight and it was all leftovers!!! Yesterday I had steak tips with mushrooms and peppers and some steamed asparagus for dinner. Today I had about 3 ounces of bbq marinated steak left w/some mushrooms and peppers and then the asparagus so I reheated the asparagus as a side dish and then cut the steak into bite size pieces and reheated that with the mushrooms and peppers topped with cabot reduced fat shredded cheddar and then put it on a arnold sandwich thin...STEAK AND CHEESE w/a side of asparagus. OMG the sandwich was sooooooo good, it tasted like it was so bad for me but it wasn't. YUM, I will have to do this again.

I just gave myself and manicure and a pedicure and now it's time for dessert...a vitabrownie that is topped with walnuts, MY FAVE :)

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