Friday, February 19, 2010

Yesterday's Weigh In...SV!

SCALE VICTORY! I had wanted to lose at least .8lbs so that I would make it to -15lbs but I lost more...1.6lbs to be exact! It was great, now I am 149lbs (peace out 150s, never again) and I have lost 15.8lbs in 6 weeks. I just need to lose .2lbs to get to my 10%!!! Oh and did I mention it was that time of the month? That truly shows that you can lose weight during that week!

After I went out and celebrated with one too many washington apple shots and today was not a good morning. Oh well, the battle continues...


  1. Congratulations! Feels sooooo good to leave the 150's behind, doesn't it. Yay for you and yay for the 140's!!! (They're so much kinder than the 150's)

  2. Good job, Skinny! Sorry to hear about the hangover.