Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This work week is killing me!

Work has been an absolute nightmare this week; I am so busy. Tomorrow I have to go in early (which sucks SO bad, it's hard enough for me to get up on Thursday mornings to work out without having to try to do it even earlier) and I'm going in early because I have a networking brunch. What kind of organization schedules a brunch on my weigh in day? I mean really what are these people trying to do to me? I've come to grips with these types of work situations though (fruit is my friend), well unless they end up being so boring I can't stop thinking about the bacon I'm smelling...then we might have a problem.

I skipped the gym today. Well not exactly, I mean I did drive around the parking lot but there were no spaces and I was not walking from the back of the building in the dark (this was after work) in the pouring rain. No thanks. I just went home and did The Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout. I did this one last week and I really enjoy it. Actually that is a complete lie, I hate every second of it but the workout is fantastic and I think that this might be something that I do each week. I'm hoping to get up early enough tomorrow to do it in the morning too. I'll have to wait and see how that goes though.

I changed dinner with my Oma from tonight until tomorrow night since she wants to have pizza from the local pizza place. I'm going to use that as my after weigh in treat tomorrow night. I really can't wait and from what she said when I spoke with her this morning, neither can she :)

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