Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Long day and now it's time for The Biggest Loser

I changed the day I eat dinner at my grandmother's house this week to today because she wanted to make chicken divan and I was worried I eat too much of it on Wednesday night (the night before my weigh in) lol. We had a great dinner and I honestly don't think I did too bad. I watched and planned my points all day and then ate what I had planned for dinner.

After I went to the gym which was really busy. I'm thinking that the New Year's resolution people (myself included YAY) are really hanging in there this year. I did 30 minutes on the arc trainer then another 30 minutes on it because there wasn't an available treadmill and I didn't feel like using the elliptical tonight. I then walked for 10 minutes on the treadmill as a cool down. I'll admit my belly felt a little jiggly with a little bit more food then usual in there.

Now I'm relaxing and watching The Biggest Loser. Tonight's show should be pretty inspirational with all the Olympic athletes on it. The teams are no more and the contestants are competing individually. I'm hoping that Melissa (red) gets the boot only because she said she was disappointed in her hubby's weight loss last week after she had totally messed with hers in the previous weeks (gained 1lb and lost 1lb the following week). That just seems like bullshit to me. I hope that yellow can hang in there I really like Sunshine and her dad is very supportive which is refreshing. I also enjoy the girl that wears Purple so far, she even cheers and encourages other teams.


  1. I'm confused. You weigh in at night? Just out of curiosity, I am wondering why. In any case, keep up the good work. :)

  2. i weigh in on thursday nights because that is when the weight watchers meeting is (515pm). i work from 830-430 so i really couldn't attend any other meeting except at night :) thanks for reading!