Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ugh where is the weekend?

It's only Tuesday and I'm already looking for it! Tuesdays are my worst work day. I'm basically glued to my desk answering all the incoming calls, taking intakes and solving problems for other workers that are not available as they arise. Just a few things I dealt with today would be some walk in's looking for help (mostly $$), supervision with my boss, a hoarder with bed bugs and an unmediated schizophrenic that needed groceries. I have to say it was a slightly overwhelming day and I am glad it's over.

I was so busy that I missed breakfast but I just saved that and ate my weight watchers bagel (toasted) with laughing cow cheese for an afternoon snack. I never have an afternoon snack, well that's not true sometimes when it's that time of the month I have popcorn but it's really rare. I'm kind of glad I did though because I wanted to make my egg casserole for dinner and it takes a long time to cook it so I didn't eat until 745. Well worth the wait though I LOVE THIS MEAL, I love the leftovers, it's just fantastic. I've put the recipe in here before (and talk about it a lot so look back at my old posts if you want it, I believe I made it really early on during the first week of my blog).

I went to the gym after work. I didn't want to but I did it. I did 35 minutes on the arc trainer and then 30 minutes on the elliptical. I am nervous about the weather the rest of the week; they are saying both snow and rain so who knows? I'd like to get in there tomorrow night and Thursday morning but we will see how that goes. I really am open to the OnDemand exercise videos but I'd like to only do it one of those days if I have too, not both.

I have enough points leftover tonight for a vitabrownie and chocolate sugar free pudding I think I'm going to put the pudding right on top...sweet :)


  1. Me, too, ready for the weekend. I have to look up that egg casserole recipe if it's worth the wait. Dessert sounds good, too!

  2. i went and found it LOL

    4 eggs
    2 egg whites
    1/2 cup skim milk
    1 cup broccoli
    1 cup mushrooms
    1/2 cup asparagus
    1/2 cup tomatoes
    1/2 cup shredded cabot 50% reduced fat cheese
    4 jimmy dean turkey sausage links

    -cook sausage as directed on box allow to cool and cut in bite size pieces
    -mix eggs and milk together in bowl
    -dump egg mixture in casserole dish (that has been sprayed w/cooking spray)
    -add in all veggies, sausage and cheese
    -stir to evenly distribute the stuff in there
    -375 degrees for 45 minutes

    4 HUGE servings you can use whatever veggies you want tonight i used asparagus, red peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms