Monday, January 25, 2010

Made it through today without a binge

Even though I was stuck in my house all day long. By mid afternoon I felt good enough to do some exercise but not good enough to leave the house. I decided to do No More Trouble Zones with Jillian Michaels. UGH. It's just such a tough DVD but I made it through it. That workout really does a number on your arms and shoulders. There is one move called The Surrender and it is absolutely ridiculous. You hold weights in your hands straight above your head then you lunge back, put your knee down, put your other knee down and then go to a standing position again one leg at a time, then of course repeat a million times. Oh my god it was bad lol.

I tried to get my DVD player to work but I am having no luck. I don't know what I am going to do about it, but I'd really like to get it hooked up so I can buy a few DVDs that I've tried and incorporate them into my regular schedule. I'm getting my tax refund back in a few days and I was thinking about getting a Wii and then getting Your Shape but it's so much money. I think I might stick with buying Biggest Loser Boot Camp, Weight Loss Yoga and No More Trouble Zones. I've done a whole bunch of them but these are my three favorites. Decisions, decisions...


  1. The Surrender!!! I remember that move! It didn't LOOK hard, but it WAS. Jillian's no joke. That was a tough DVD, but it felt good to be done with :)

  2. I used to say that arc trainers lined the gates of hell but now I think they make you do The Surrender on the way to it lol