Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tired...then a terrible call UGH.

Today was a little bit easier eating wise and at the gym. I hit up the gym early and was able to get in 35 minutes on the eliptical and a 10 minute cooldown on the the treadmill. The eliptical was surprisingly easier which was nice but I'm definately tired now.

I was really looking forward to dinner at my Oma's house tonight (Oma=grandmother, I go there every Wednesday night for dinner). She does a great job and sticks with a weight watcher friendly menu. Tonight she made meatloaf, squash, green beans and salad so that's not to bad at all. She even gave me some strawberries to bring home for dessert.

UGH I just got the nastiest phone call from the ex apparently he thinks it's really cool to hang out with my other ex and then call me and tell me all the nasty things he said about me...why he would want to share such filth with me is beyond me? I just don't understand how that could ever make me feel good, EVER! UGH if he just kept his fucking mouth shut I would never have heard any of that crap, it makes me so mad!!!

Yup, crying a little, just trying to tell myself at least I am making myself better then all of these idiots. Inhale...exhale...move on...move on...ugh.


  1. Just remember to focus on the things you can control-obviously you can control what a bitter ex is gonna say. Keep your eyes and the prize and just remember that "hating" is the sincerest form of flattery :)

  2. i just thought you should really know what he says about you before you find out from someone else that i knew about what he always...and im not bitter!