Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Vikings spanked the cowgirls today :)

I had a great day today. I had volunteered to sell raffle tickets for a quilt to benefit the women's auxiliary and I had to do that at the monthly Legion breakfast. Which basically means I had to sit in a room and smell sausage, pancakes and bacon for 3 hours. Who is testing me with this shit? I mean really is that even necessary?

I did well, I made sure that I went into the kitchen to get my breakfast so I could get exactly what I wanted, one egg, one piece of bacon and 1/4 cup of home fries. It was heavenly lol. As soon as the breakfast was over I hauled butt to the gym and did 35 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the treadmill (short workout today, I had to be ready for the start of the Vikings game). I'm just glad that I talked myself into going and didn't skip it completely. I honestly think that wearing your workout clothes is a HUGE motivation factor in getting my butt to the gym. I wore them while I was selling the tickets so what excuse did I have after it? NONE, mission accomplished.

I had my 4 MGDs that I had planned for and my food which even included a few delicious chicken wings. I will admit it is hard for me to stick to the 4 beverages (honestly I can drink 8-10 easy watching football) but I am glad I have been doing it. I don't get hungover and I am able to finish my night without stuffing my face when I get home. Instead of doing that tonight I rewarded myself with a bubble bath complete with candles and a funny book.

I have tomorrow off so I plan on spending a good amount of time at the gym which reminds me I need to charge my IPOD.

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