Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weigh in tomorrow

I hope everything goes good. I've been working really hard and it should be a good one. I was OP again today even though I went to Oma's for dinner (haddock, cauliflower, only 2 pieces of potato, broccoli and salad...very good. I went to the gym after and did the arc trainer for 30 minutes then the bike for 30 minutes. I never have done the bike before but I just didn't feel like getting on the treadmill.

I got home and cut up my veggies and fruit for lunch breakfast and lunch tomorrow. I'm going to have a yogurt as well. I like to eat light since I am going to go out to eat after hopefully. I plan on getting up and going to the gym in the morning since I don't want to go tomorrow after work.

Now I'm going to relax and enjoy a vitatop deep chocolate and some skim milk...never had one of these before but they were out of the brownies, I hope they are good :)

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